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Prostitution is a controversial topic. Often associated with crimes such as human trafficking, it is important to be correctly informed about prostitution. This website is dedicated to inform people correctly about prostitution in The Netherlands. The facts and figures used in this website are official statistics from government agencies themselves.

First and foremost we use statistics from the Dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety. They have done extensive research into prostitution in The Netherlands focusing on monitoring the effects of legalizing brothels in 2000.
Their most recent research was done in 2014, focusing on prostitution in cities and towns in The Netherlands, and gaining insight in the size of legal prostitution in The Netherlands. Focusing on the experiences of prostitutes themselves from a research done among several hundred prostitutes in The Netherlands, and trying to gain insight into the size of illegal prostitution.

Another important resource for us comes from the Dutch National Rapporteur of Human Trafficking. She has been appointed by the Dutch government to investigate and report on human trafficking in The Netherlands. Mainly focusing on estimating the size of human trafficking through statistical data collected by CoMensha who collects reports of suspicions of human trafficking from police, Dutch customs, health and anti-trafficking organisations, and reporting about this to the Dutch government.

Our complete list of sources include:
Dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety
Dutch National Rapporteur Human Trafficking
City of Amsterdam
Dutch government health organisation GGD
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